Annales Universitatis Apulensis. Series Historica


Issue II 2016 | Vol. 20

The Carpathian Basin and the Northern Balkans between 3500 and 2500 BC: Common Aspects and Regional Differences

15 December 2016

Editor: Cristian Ioan Popa

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Cristian Ioan Popa

Transilvania şi problema indo-europenizării. Paradigma românească / Transylvania and the Indo-European Migration Problem: The Romanian Paradigm

Florin Gogâltan

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Was Genealogy a Powerful Cultural Construct in Prehistory?

Lolita Nikolova

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4000-2000 BC in Hungary: The Age of Transformation

Tünde Horváth

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Vessels for Toasting? The “Sauceboats” of the Coțofeni and Baden Cultures and their Balkan-Aegean Connections,

Cristian Ioan Popa

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Cultural Contacts between Communities of Southwestern Romania and Central Balkans in the Fourth Millennium BC

Aleksandar Bulatović and Aleksandar Kapuran

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Cultural Interactions between the Coţofeni Culture and Surrounding Cultures in Oltenia During the Transition from the Eneolithic to the Bronze Age

Ion Tuțulescu

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New Facts Regarding the Repertoire of Coţofeni Archaeological Sites on the Hunedoara Side of the Poiana Ruscă Mountains

Cristian Constantin Roman and Sorin Tincu

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Biały Potok Cemetery Revisited

Przemysław Makarowicz and Marzena Szmyt

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Date arheozoologice inedite asupra locuirii Tiszapolgár de la Uivar (judeţul Timiş) / Unpublished Archaeozoological Data on the Tiszapolgár Habitation in Uivar, Timiş County

Georgeta El Susi

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Un vas din mediul culturii Bodrogkeresztúr de la Feldioara (jud. Brașov) / A Bodrogkeresztúr Culture Ceramic Vessel found in Feldioara (Braşov County)

Zoltán Katocz

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A Possible Late Eneolithic Tool Found at Tărtăria, Romania

Ioan Alexandru Bărbat and Marius Gheorghe Barbu

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Atelierele de prelucrat bijuterii din Cheile Turzii: Peştera Binder. Epoca cuprului / The Jewelry Workshop at Cheile Turzii: Cave Binder, Copper Age

Cornelia-Magda Lazarovici, Gheorghe Lazarovici

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Locuirea culturii Coţofeni de la Deva-Magna Curia, judeţul Hunedoara / The Coţofeni Habitation from Magna Curia, Deva, Hunedoara County

Marius Gheorghe Barbu, Ioana Lucia Barbu, Antoniu Tudor Marc

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An Copper Axe Discovered in Hărău (Hunedoara County)

Nicolae Cătălin Rişcuţa

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