Annales Universitatis Apulensis. Series Historica


Issue II 2015 | Vol. 19

Places of Memory: Cemeteries and Funerary Practices throughout the Time

15 December 2015

Editor: Daniel Dumitran and Marius Rotar

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Marius Rotar and Daniel Dumitran

Defining the Place
Buried Far Away: Easterners in Roman Liburnia

Anamarija Kurilić and Zrinka Serventi

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Small Burial Churches in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Russian Monasteries

Dmitri Budiukin

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From the Rajghat to India Gate: Places of Memory, Sites of State Sovereignty and Public Dissent

Sushant Kishore

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Death at Lunchtime: An Ethnographic Study of Locals Lunching at Cimetière Des Rois

Savannah D. Dodd

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The Funerary Practices
Place of Death and Place of Rest. Commingled Human Remains from Alba Iulia-Lumea Nouă 2015 Early Eneolithic Funerary Discovery

Christina Lundberg and Mihai Gligor

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Funeral Traditions of the Hungarian Aristocracy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: An Overview

Júlia Bara

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“The Defunct Celestial:” Chinese Funerary Practices in Nineteenth Century Australia

Hilda Maclean

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Legal and Economic Issues of the Polish Funeral Industry

Anna E. Kubiak

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Keeping of Memory
Stones in Floors and Walls: Commemorating the Dead in the Transylvanian Principality

Dóra Mérai

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Medieval Remembrance: Mak Dizdar and the Stećak of Bosnia

Jewell Homad Johnson

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Recalling Devices: From Ossuaries to Virtual Memorials

Cristina Bogdan

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Research Methods and Preservation
Bringing the Dead Back to Life: Reconstructing Cemetery Burial Registers

Dawn C. Stricklin

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Jewish Cemeteries of Romania: Alba Iulia Case Study

Daniel Dumitran

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