„ad Sanctissimam Trinitatem”: educație și cultură greco-catolică la Blaj, în primele decenii ale secolului al XIX-lea

Author Daniel Dumitran, 1 Decembrie University of Alba Iulia

In the historiography of education, in-depth analyses dedicated to the catalogues of book collections and libraries constitute a distinct research direction. Starting from these precedents, this research approaches a source very little capitalised upon ad integrum until now, namely, the second manuscript inventory of the library of the Greek-Catholic Seminary in Blaj, probably written in the first third of the nineteenth century. It offers an opportunity to become acquainted with the works available to the teachers and students of this school, as well as providing insight into the denominational and cultural orientations that characterised ecclesiastical education in Blaj at the time of the establishment of the Episcopal Lyceum. The work concentrates on investigating the main sections of the inventory (biblical editions and commentaries, homiletics, ecclesiastical history, canon law, liturgical book, patristics, theological literature), which contain detailed descriptions of the books held there at the time in Latin, Greek, Romanian and other languages, as well as older books in Slavonic and the manuscripts kept in the library. Attention is paid to the students’ training, which was based on the tradition of preserving the Eastern rite on the one hand, and a the tendency to professionalise theological education by appealing to the models of the Western speciality literature on the other.

library of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Blaj, Diocesan Greek-Catholic Seminary, inventories, didactic literature, manuscripts