Contribuții la strategia de valorificare a rezidențelor istorice din Transilvania / Contributions to the Strategy of Valorization of the Old Residences in Transylvania

15 December 2017


The paper presents the strategy of the Pont Group that created the program “Castle in Transylvania”, inspired by some models supported by funds from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the Ministry of Culture – Project Management Unit in the cadre of “Conservation and Revitalization of the Cultural and Natural Patrimony” – financed through SEE 2009–2014 Financial Mechanism. The strategy shows that the future of the Transylvanian residencies resides in asking about a specific strategy adapted to the residencies’ dramatic history during the last hundred years (in which the confiscation from 1949 was the most memorable moment), to the current state of conservation, to the ownership situation and the owners who must be identified, held responsible and supported, to the current legislation for the field of monuments and buildings. Beginning from the state of preservation, the present material shows which measures could be taken, with whom and in what order one can conduct a strategy of research, salvaging and re-vitalisation of the old residencies.

monument protection, Transylvania, Pont Group.