“SOCIALISM. HAPPINESS.” The “NEW WAY” of the Haller Castle in Coplean after 1950

Ioana Rus-Cacovean

The State’s confiscation of castles and mansions after 1948 and their transformation into offices for the Cooperative of Agricultural Production (CAP) had severe consequences on the conservation of these historical residences, that were stripped of their heritage (looted or systematically destroyed), while the remaining architecture was at best neglected, or rather abused for decades on end. The title of this study was inspired by an old photograph showing the northern façade of the Coplean Haller Castle in the ‘60s, where the words “SOCIALISM. HAPPINESS” and “NEW WAY” can be seen under the ground floor windows. Thus, the paper aims at presenting the “new” and “happy” fate of one of the most remarkable Transylvanian mansions during the totalitarian regime of the 20th century, that may be reconstructed on the basis of the vast correspondence held by Dej’s Regional Council with The Directorate of Historical Monuments from 1964 to 1982, claiming urgent reparation and conservation works, that were unfortunately always delayed and rejected for various reasons, like the lack of funds, lack of function for the edifice or its old age.

Protection of Monuments, Transylvania, 1950s-80s, Communist Regime.