Participarea cadrelor tehnice la formarea și dezvoltarea complexului industrial al Văii Jiului

1 February 2010

Mircea Baron

The Jiu Valley, which emerges as a social-economic and cultural space in the latter half of the XIXth century, is the result of a joint effort, of the anonymous toiler who, through his work and sacrifice, mined the coal or created material values that led to the progress of the area and the country, and of those who, through their personality, asserted themselves as formal or informal leaders of economic and social groups. In the Jiu Valley, there have been both technical and humanistic intellectuals, who exerted their professional activities, understanding, at the same time, that they were fundamentally meant to be opinion leaders and a dynamizing factor of the qualities and aspirations of the social and ethnic groups living in this coal basin. An important presence in this community leadership effort is the technical intellectual, that is the engineers and the technical personnel in mining companies. The latter have tried to cumulate the economic and the social role in order to establish positive relations with their subordinates, also benefitting, in the spirit of the epoch, of a solid humanistic background. Most of them were also capable of outstanding professional performance, exerted through the positions they held in the Jiu Valley mining, through their contributions to the development of national and local mining, and their remarkable presence in most of the political, cultural and educational manifestations in the area. Understanding their responsibility, they had their own initiatives, or promoted valuable initiatives both by their moral authority and by financial support. They were always in harmonious relations with the other intellectuals in the Jiu Valley, together with whom they had outstanding achievements. Our approach is intended to point out that the intellectuals, especially the technical elite, together with the other technical staff, played a crucial role in the emergence and development of the Jiu Valley as an industrial complex with distinct technical, economic and human characteristics in the latter half of the XIXth century.

the Jiu Valley; technical intellectuals; emergence and development of the industrial complex; multiethnicity; multicultural character