Un zugrav de elită: Grigore Ranite

1 February 2010

Ana Dumitran

Approaching the biography of painter Grigore Ranite within a discussion about elites is rightfully entitled, both from the perspective of the quality of artistic performance and as master of some painters who in a short while will gain equal fame, and the reputation he had and which assured him important orders from a wide area: Oltenia, Transylvania and Banat, equally. By these components of his career, Grigore Ranite was a model, followed closely by his apprentices and other members of the guild, who strived to enter the decisional circles of the Orthodox hierarchy, GreekCatholic respectively, to may be hired to the detriment of “competition” represented by the peregrine and those inadequately trained professionally, but who practiced more accessible prices. After resuming the little biographical data recovered by previous historiography, it is presented the chronological line of the creation, enlarged with this occasion with several works new until now, which underline once more the remarkable artistic performance of Grigore Ranite as a young man. Subsequently, some of them are interpreted according to interhuman relationships which he maintained and by comparison with the creations of contemporaries who might have been entitled to consider that those orders should have been theirs. Thus, there will be again highlighted the superiority of Grigore Ranite or at least motivated preference for him, in an environment within which Occidental influences are more and more evident and the number of artists is very increased. 

Grigore Ranite; painter; master; artistic performance; reputation