Aspecte ale corespondenței dintre oficialii maramureșeni și bistrițeni. Relațiile dintre cele două teritorii în secolul al XVI-lea

1 February 2010

Anca Ramona Hapca

This paper proposes an overview of the aspects regarding the relations between Maramureş and Bistriţa during the XVIth century as they result from the official corespondence. An important quantity of letters sent by Maramureş county officials to the mayor and leaders of the Saxon town Bistriţa in the XVIth century is perserved in the Bistriţa Town Hall Fund, existing in the National Archives from Cluj County. The officials from Maramureş county addressed Saxon magistrate of Bistriţa, as “good neighbours and friends”, to solve various problems and misunderstandings between the people of both regions. Communication between the two neighbouring territories played an important role in: spreading news (mutual exchange of information on troop movements), solving various social problems, solving existing conflicts within the population (those related to the payment of certain taxes), in solving legal problems (thefts, robberies, murders) and economic ones (those related to sheep grazing or trade products). As regards the typology of these relationships, they can be divided into three main categories: political, economic and legal. The letters related to political relations capture valuable information on key political issues of the period and they can be grouped into: the exchange of information (news), sending messengers and accompanying officials. Letters that refer to the economic relationships present information regarding the trade between the two regions, sheep pasturing or some misunderstandings between the population. The legal relationships certify the existence of different legal problems (injustice, theft, robberies, murders) that society faces in this period. The documents selected and analysed in this study reveal that during the XVIth century there were helpful relations between the two regions, marked by understanding, solidarity and good neighbouring. The exchange of letters between the officials offers valuable information for the reconstruction of medieval history of these areas, for a deeper understanding of certain political, economic, social aspects, and especially for identifying the evolution of the relations between these two regions. 

Maramureş; Bistriţa; the XVIth century; medieval history of Transylvania; official letters