Lesestoffe der siebenbürgischen Studenten und konfessionelle Toleranz im 18. Jahrhundert. Die Wirkung der Universität Basel auf die siebenbürgische Kultur

ÁDÁM Hegyi

The aim of this research is to gather all relevant sources from the archives/manuscript collections/libraries in Basel that may be related to the book culture of Transylvanian students. We focused on the 18th century. Switzerland had a very such a significant intellectual impact on Transylvania to make research worthwhile. In Swiss universities young students of Hungarian origin never formed a uniform nationality; nevertheless they regularly received grants as well as were provided with university accommodation. We are also aware that university institutions and halls of residence had their own collection of books from the beginning of the 18thcentury. Most probably, records of borrowing and book donations may still be accessible in archives. Libraries which were open to all university students, not only to residents, are also of interest. During the 18th centuries, Swiss towns also maintained their own libraries parallel to that of the university or academic institution. As a rule those were also available to university students.

History of university, Basel, book culture, Transylvania, church history.