A Transatlantic Love – Foreshadowing a Death. On Memory and Subjectivity in Seiichi Furuya’s Photographs of Christine Gössler

p. 413-421
As a part of a visual research project in progress about photography and memory it can be described an attempt to research the context of photography related to memory and death. Adapting the format of a photo book it tries to approach photography and photographs in relation to memory and death in a more personal and subjective manner. It is the viewer’s experience which forms the core of the project and which is going to be investigated. As A Transatlantic Love will be published independently containing a number of essays, the present paper will draw attention to the relationship between photography, memory and death through the work of the Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya who documented the life (and thereby the death) of his wife Christine Gössler. In this paper I will try to investigate whether one could see (and therefore experience) her photographs without the notion of her death. To do so I will approach the prominent writings of Siegfried Kracauer and Roland Barthes in which they both address the issues of subjectivity, memory and death.
photography, memory, subjective experience, death, Seiichi Furuya, Roland Barthes, Siegfried Kracauer.