L’Orient dans l'Occident : la mort dans les religions nouvelles – l'exemple de la religion bahaï et de la théosophie

p. 223-236
The Bahai faith and the Theosophical Society are new and still relatively small albeit fast-growing religions, blending Western and Eastern influences. In spite of their roots, they have a modern and even rational approach to religious issues, especially death-related ones. Rituals do not amount to very much and are almost left to everyone’s discretion. Beliefs outwardly retain Eastern patterns such as dissolution in the Divine or reincarnation, but for practical purposes they bend to the needs for comfort of the bereaved remaining ones. In the second part of my paper, I go onto some of the new religions' challenges as far as death is concerned. Since they aligned with modernity, individualism, perception of death as the most alien reality (and therefore avoided), fear of loss of accumulated belongings, etc, are issues for them as well.
Bahai faith, Theosophy, death, funeral rites, reincarnation, secularization.