Two Deaths and Two Destinies: Rasputin and Imperial Russia

p. 129-145
Grigorij Efimovich Rasputin is one of the most controversial figures of the Russian history. Death premonition and divination of this « man of God » (bozhij chelovek) regarding Tzar’s death and Russia’s destiny had great impact in his epoch and long time after his death, giving birth to opposite historical and religious positions. Not only his lifestyle is questioned because of the rumors of sympathizing with a sect and supposedly taking part in their controversial sectant practices, but his death is also subject to endless discussions, giving birth to legends and stories linked to his death premonitions. Various perspectives on Rasputin’s life and death reveal the importance of this figure in the Russian mental imaginary, building an aura of a saint for a man of disputable moral demeanor. Different sources claim different intrigues and plots against this man, whose persuasive power damaged Tzar’s image and power. Nevertheless, a myth on Rasputin’s relationship with the fall of the Russian Empire appeared, constantly providing new aspects and facets regarding his implication in Russia’s history.
Rasputin’s life and death myths, death premonition, fall of Imperial Russia, controversial moral demeanour, canonization issues.