Queering death: dying and mourning in the Romanian gay community

Sebastian E. Bartoş, Cristina Maria Speranza
pp. 467-472
The present paper used a personal narrative in order to scrutinise the common framework within which death is construed. The mourning family, the funeral and the grave, and even the solemn certainty of death are questioned by this story. While a single personal experience cannot reflect all the relevant shades of queer mourning, it can help to pin down a few issues for forthcoming inquiries. First, the need to retrieve and analyse more experiences of Romanian lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and trans people is an obvious task for the near future. Second, a deeper inquiry is needed into the way established categories work (and fail) in queer mourning. The narrative above has showed how the construction of relationships as more or less “close” can hurt people; this downside of belonging may be a particularly interesting subject for further research.
death, gay community, mourning, dying.