Digital re-construction and durable biography

Maggie Jackson
pp. 429-436
This paper is an exploration of an activity I undertook with my brother in the summer of 2009. The story is partly mine in that I have used the story of my brother whilst I was working with him on a project to be used for my teaching. I have considered how by using photographs and my brother’s developing interest in the use and collection of them he has perhaps made sense of the death of our father. What I have presented here cannot be considered to be “true” but is an attempt to bring order and organise experience. Barthes talks about sorting through photographs from his mother’s past but doubting that to others the photographs “would speak”. The choosing of the image is important. But the choice of a single image can also be disappointing as the image can fail to provide the essence we are looking for. Here I have considered how the construction and reconstruction of the images into a photo story may have allowed a new understanding and expression of grief to occur.
death, dying, digital reconstruction, biography.