Piese metalice de inventar bisericesc din Basarabia (secolul XIX - începutul secolului XX)

Liliana Condraticova
The author analyses the late modern gold and metal cultic objects from churches and monasteries in Bessarabia and archival as well as museum materials. The religious objects were partly imported from Poland, Ukraine or Russia and partly produced by locally either by local silversmiths and black smiths or by foreign masters invited from neighbouring areas. The workshops for the fabrication and commercialization of religious object (opened by Cara-Stoianov, E. Proţenco, and so on) or the Workshops of the Archbishopric of Chișinău (established in 1911) produced various objects with historical and artistic value such as pectoral crosses, metallic frames for icons and books, cultic vessels, bells.
religious objects, Bessarabia, workshops, silversmiths, blacksmiths.