Die historischen Wurzeln des Systemgedankens in der siebenbürgischen rumänischen Religionssache. Teil I. Siebenbürgen und die Biharer (Bihorer) Union

Kálmán Árpád Kovács
The author’s doctoral dissertation bears the title “The System of Religious Policy in Transylvania from 1760-70.” During his successful 2008 defence of the dissertation, the author proved that the official language’ “system” was the key concept behind the statist perception of the Theresian type of religious policy. Maria Theresia’s manuscript, signed on September 16th, 1762, brought forth the Transylvanian Romanian religious policy "system" for the first time. During research done later, the author was able to come upon documentation of the roots of the Transylvanian Romanian religious policy’ systemic approach. It was during this time that the author again put his hands on Baron Koller’s proposal of March 29th, 1768. Through historical deduction and analysis, the author came to the conclusion that preparations for the implementation of the Transylvanian religious policy’ system could be traced back to the 1748-1755 feuding between the Illyrian Court Delegation and the (Hungarian and Transylvanian) Court Chancellors, as well as the so-called Illyrian search for political solutions from 1751-58.
Romanian religious policy, Transylvania, Bihor, Hălmagiu, Illyrian affairs, system, 1750-1770s.