Căsătoriile mixte ca formă concretă de trăire a propriei identităţi confesionale

pp. 385-401
The sacrament of marriage – sacrament of u Abstract nion in a relation both civil and religious – is a reality that enjoys special attention within Christianity, and not only. Considered core cell of the civil society, but also as mystical reality, according to the divine union between Christ and his Church, family, resulting from marriage is governed both by civil laws and Church laws. In a society changing profoundly and rapidly, in which Christian values are more and more ignored, but in which possibilities given by the increasingly developed communication ways or socializing means via internet, practically offer endless prospects of establishing some relationships that may result in such marriages, attention that both social and religious persons in charge must pay to this reality is obvious. Our study wishes to be a canonical approach of the sacrament of marriage, emphasising that form of its celebration, that in canonical terms is defined with mixed marriage; exactly by this form of marriage, valid and as such acknowledged in pluriconfessional circle, may be evidenced richness of heritage that the two spouses, baptised but in different confessions, may live it completely in all respects and with unconditioned respect to the other’s identity, as reality that may enrich and get to a more thorough knowledge and living of Christian values.
sacrament of marriage, mixed marriage, ca Keywords nonical definition, Baptism, education.