Nicht ertragen (= tolerieren) sollen wir, sondern einander anerkennen und voneinander lernen. Worum es geht

pp. 371-383
Daily experience and epistemological pers Abstract: pectives prove the fact that nobody obtains complete knowledge, if one bases exclusively on his/her own power of knowledge. As to complete conclusions it is necessary interaction with other persons. According to the New Testament, this thing is valid also, for our spiritual knowledge. Yet, before Constantinople had become the centre of the Church, Church theology acknowledged explicitly this, and Vatican IICouncil confirmed it again. When Constantinople imposed the system of the State Church, the Christian conviction concerning frailty of human nature was lost to a great extent. It was reached to the inappropriate opinion that, what the state church might have elaborated would be valid and a measure for the rest of the others. Only in the newer period was it begin difficultly to be searched a justification for the so called “tolerance” for the other one. But through it was only wished to be reached to a common “bearing”. Conviction of the Old Church, that we would stimulate reciprocally, if we would recognize one another, almost was lost unfortunately, due to “tolerance”.
Keywords: Church theology, Vatican II Council, state church, spiritual knowledge, interaction.