Dániel Ercsei d. Ä. (1744-1809) und die religiöse Toleranz

pp. 165-174
Sr. Dániel Ercsei was born in Érkeserű (C Abstract heşereu) in 1744, and he studied at the Calvinist College in Debrecen. He studied between 1774-1777 at the University of Basel. After he returned to Hungary, he was working as reformed minister in Mezőtúr. Ercsei was a member of the intellectual class of the Hungarian reformed persons because he published two prayer books and in the year of 1805 he was elected to be an archdeacon. In 1793 Ercsei published a book about the passion of Jesus Christ. The introduction of the book shows, that this work fights against the religion banter. Because at the end of the 18th century lots of atheistic brochures were published in Hungary, it is interesting to analyze Ercsei’s book. How has he got relation to the religious toleration? What did he think about the religious union?
Sr. Dániel Ercsei, reformed minister, Mez Keywords őtúr, passion of Jesus Christ, religious toleration.