“A Time to Speak”. The Printing Activity of Dositheos Notaras, Patriarch of Jerusalem († 1707)

pp. 35-45
Renowed personality of eastern orthodoxy Abstract from the time of ‘Turcocratia’, patriarch Dositheos Notaras of Jerusalem was a subject dealt with by an impressive number of studies. Yet, unfortunately, his attitude towards Union of a part of Transylvanian Romanians with Rome did not enjoy deserved attention. Trying to supply this historiographic gap, this article proposes to place in context editorial projects of the active and influent patriarch. Thus it will be revealed in a more clear light the meaning of his actions – defining the ‘good’ and ‘real’ faith – and will be perceived better the seriousness of some concepts, such as religious ‘tolerance’ or ‘intolerance’.
Dositheos Notaras, belief system, confess Keywords ion of faith, Greek printing activity, Orthodox polemics.