Adiaphora und innerkonfessionelle Toleranz: die Kryptocalvinisten

pp. 27-34
Followers of the mediating theology of Me Abstract lanchtonian type, named also Crypto-Calvinists, as they were suspected of being supporters in disguise of the Swiss Reform, played an essential role in the life of Augustan Church from Transylvania, at least until 1615. The issue of “indifferent things” or adiaphora and first of all approach of the pre-reformative inheritance got a decisive role in interconfessional debates and in relations with the central power. Thus their role modified and received a political dimension, turning from off issues into signs of identity. For Crypto-Calvinists was raised the question for how long these still can be bridged with the reformative identity, so for how long they will be tolerated. Necessity of delimitation and at the same time the wish of mediating and avoidance of narrowing the theological horizon proved to be difficult issues, yet which were solved in a surprising manner.
Augustan Church, Swiss Reform, adiaphora, Keywords Crypto-Calvinists, identity.